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Sask. Chamber of Commerce launches new charter to enhance Indigenous engagement

A new initiative from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) aims to bring Indigenous people in the province to the same economic level as the broader population. The SCC launched its Indigenous Engagement Charter at the First Nations University in Regina Tuesday. “We are the youngest, fastest-growing population in Canada, and in Saskatchewan, so the business community has to get

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Sask. NDP questions province over early knowledge of potential SHNB roof problems

The Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford (SHNB) opened in March 2019, but not even three months later, the roof failed and required an immediate replacement. Now, the Sask. NDP is questioning the province after learning there were concerns about the roof during the hospital’s design phase. Documents obtained through Freedom of Information highlighted the issue. “What these documents show is a

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How carbon pricing works across the country

As of Jan. 1, every Canadian and all Canadian businesses are paying a price on carbon. The federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act means provinces that do not have their own price on pollution that meets a federal standard get the federal carbon tax applied to them. That includes Manitoba, whose premier talked Monday about the prospect of replacing the

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Regina thieves target heavy duty parts: Saskatchewan Trucking Association

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for a number of truck drivers in Regina, following a recent surge in thefts. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) said they’ve seen dozens of cases of thieves stealing catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters from semi-trucks, parts of the exhaust system. “What we are seeing is the people doing theft are breaking into

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