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Why ignorance is bliss in an era drowning in the need to find political meaning in everything

There exists a tendency in criticism of late to suggest that works of art be enjoyed simply for the sheer wonder they invoke. Perhaps it’s an attempted course correction for the inclinations of modern audiences toward deriving meaning from every bit of text presented, and, so the thinking goes, eliminate all the joys inherent to art in the process. The

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Stephen Colbert grills Oliver Stone for ‘fawning’ over ‘brutal dictator’ Putin in new doc

On Monday night, Oliver Stone, the director behind the controversial four-part Showtime documentary series The Putin Interviews, stopped by The Late Show to discuss what is essentially his love letter to the Russian leader – inevitably butting heads with host Stephen Colbert. “Let’s talk about Vladimir Putin. You spent 20 hours with this guy, and you’ve gotten a little heat. People

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Andrée Michaud’s newest thriller straddles genres – and the Quebec-Maine border

Boundary: The Last Summer By Andrée A. Michaud Biblioasis 328 pp; $19.95 There’s some unfortunate irony at play when a thriller doesn’t live up to its name, the genre’s all-in labelling too bold a statement of what readers might expect to allow accommodation for much else. Books with that branding do more than gamble on expectation: their epithet seems to

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A case of deja vu: Don Winslow’s The Force is a standard cop story with a hint of social verité

The Force By Don Winslow William Morrow 496 pp; $34.99 Don Winslow is the rare crime writer who seems forever restless. His wildly successful novels can lurch dramatically from one to the next in tone and approach. He’s written laid-back surfer detective books, hyper-stylized, ultra-violent experiments, like Savages, and, more recently, deeply researched thumpers inspired by the horrors of the

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