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Kaitlyn Bristowe joins RAW Beauty movement

It’s no secret most people put their best face forward for social media. From snapshots of luxurious beach vacations, to perfectly lit selfies, the general perspective shared on the various streams is perfection. And, sometimes, it can be a tad difficult to stomach.  Erin Treloar, the CEO and founder of Raw Beauty Talks, hopes to start a conversation around the

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Sensible tops scare tactics when making good food choices

We’ve been fielding many questions lately about the What the Health documentary currently running on Netflix. If you haven’t seen the movie, its based on the premise that big industry (U.S. meat and dairy) has buddied up with government and non-profits, much like the tobacco industry did years ago. The documentary suggests agencies trusted with keeping us healthy have compromised

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Getting to the core of injuries: Fitness Table delivers a workout that enhances strength and agility

Congregating around a table is one of life’s great pleasures, surrounded by good friends or family, but gathering around the apparatus a table of another kind I recently got to found out about was an entirely new experience, and not without its painful moments. One of Calgary’s foremost instructors in this little known therapy called a Fitness Table is Patricia

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Breaking the silence around couple’s counselling

At my friend’s Toronto wedding a couple of months back, I cried when, during his speech, the father-of-the-bride said, “Marriage is hard work. But it’s good work if you can get it.� I’ve heard the first sentence of that saying before. And, while true, it always rubbed me the wrong way. “Marriage is work,� makes it sound like something you

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