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Drug resistance: The climate change of human health. Is Canada ready?

Antibiotics kill bacteria sensitive to the drug as well as good bacteria, leaving the cells that are drug-resistant to multiply and take over. Some bacteria can also mutate to become resistant and transfer their resistance to one another. Drug resistance was a growing concern in 1997 when Dr. John Conly, then-president of the Canadian Infectious Disease Society, decided to act.

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Corbella: Mental health issues linger long after flood waters receded

More than half of the 100,000 Albertans evacuated during the June 20, 2013 flood suffered from some kind of mental health issue, experts say. “The effects on the mental health of Albertans affected by the flood has been very significant,” says Caroline McDonald-Harker, a sociologist and professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Calgary’s Mount Royal University. The

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Hot summer in the city: New park features bring you closer to nature

Nearly 8,000 people attend school and public programs at Ralph Klein Park every year and now they’ll be able to discover the city’s watershed through play at a natural playground designed by Earthscape in collaboration with Ground 3 Landscape Architects. The playground represents three different areas of the watershed: the mountains and glaciers, the foothills and the prairies. On the

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Seniors care in B.C. Months in hospital waiting for residential care not uncommon

Thirteen people are waiting for residential care in Sechelt and nearby Gibsons, according to the health authority. But the project has become a political football and a focal point for protest in the community and by unionized staff at the government-owned facilities to be shut down. Opponents consider privately run facilities inferior to those staffed by government workers. When the

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Loneliness, falls and over-medicating afflict seniors in B.C. care homes

Earlier this year, Mackenzie released a report based on information she gathered for all B.C. care facilities, which have 27,142 publicly subsidized beds, and offers an online tool (at to look up stats on each home. Postmedia analyzed the raw data collected by Mackenzie, and below looks at several other key areas of concern. Care hours While Mackenzie and others have

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