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Website rates treatment record for Canadian hospitals

For the first time, Canadians across the country will have an online tool to help them figure out which hospitals have stronger track records for treatment after major surgery, heart attack or stroke. A new interactive website produced by the Canadian Institute of Health Information will allow patients to compare how their local hospitals are performing on different measures of

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Routine breast-cancer screenings can set off false alarms: Video

Canadian cancer societies are concerned women are being sent mixed signals, following a Harvard study suggesting routine breast cancer screenings can cause more harm than good. The study, released Tuesday by researchers from the New Harvard School of Public Health, screened 40,000 women between the ages of 50 and 79 over a period of nine years. Of the women screened,

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Backpack burden

Book, notice folder and spelling homework, 227 grams. Pencil case, 85 grams. Pocket notebook with fairy cover, 28 grams. Lunch, 570 grams. Placemat, 42 grams. Hat and mittens, 227 grams. Extra hat, 28 grams. Inhaler, 28 grams. Sunscreen, 114 grams. Hand sanitizer, 28 grams. Moisturizer, 28 grams. Cellphone (not working), 42 grams. Add these and other small treasures squirrelled away

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Dropping a bad habit could add years to your life, Ontario study says

Butt out the cigarette and grab those running shoes — an Ontario study released Monday suggests that eliminating one of five unhealthy habits could add almost eight years to your life. The report — conducted by researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Public Health Ontario, the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute — found that

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