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When life hands you lemons: the new science of positive thinking

Canadian social psychologist Jamie Gruman is proposing a new way of achieving nirvana: Do nothing. Instead, live in the moment and embrace the “serene and contented acceptance of life as it is, with no ambitions of acquisition, accomplishment or progress toward goals,” said Gruman, co-founder of the newly created Canadian Positive Psychology Association, a network of scholars and academics studying

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Stampede bastion of deep-fried everything faces invasion by healthy alternatives

CALGARY — What in tarnation? Something alarming is invading the Calgary Stampede midway — known to some as Heart Attack Alley. The tempting culinary hodgepodge of deep-fried everything has brought us such concoctions as the 1,550-calorie doughnut cheeseburger with bacon, the macaroni and cheese pizza, deep-fried Coke, deep-fried Pop-tarts and a pulled pork parfait featuring mashed potatoes, gravy and pork

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New C. diff drug approved; deemed ‘promising’ for persistent cases

TORONTO — Doctors struggling to cure patients with C. difficile diarrhea have a new weapon in their armoury. A new antibiotic specifically developed to treat C. difficile infections has been approved for the Canadian market, the drug’s maker, Optimer Pharmaceuticals Canada, announced Thursday. The drug, to be sold under the brand name Dificid, has an advantage over the existing drug

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Diabetes drug triggers neuron growth, potential to regenerate brain cells: study

TORONTO — A drug commonly used to control Type 2 diabetes can help trigger stem cells to produce new brain cells, providing hope of a potential means to treat brain injuries and even neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, researchers say. A study by scientists at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children found the drug metformin helps activate the mechanism that signals stem

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Diseases from animals hit over two billion people a year

A global study mapping human diseases that come from animals like tuberculosis, AIDS, bird flu or Rift Valley fever has found that just 13 such diseases are responsible for 2.4 billion cases of human illness and 2.2 million deaths a year. The vast majority of infections and deaths from so-called zoonotic diseases are in poor or middle-income countries, but “hotspots”

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