Drunk guy slaps Harvey Weinstein at an Arizona restaurant

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For many, it would be a dream to give Harvey Weinstein, the producer who has been accused by over 100 women of sexual harassment and assault in recent months, a stern talking to and, perhaps even, a punch in the face.

A local Scottsdale, Ariz. man named Steve was given just such on opportunity on Tuesday night at Elements restaurant, near where Weinstein is allegedly attending rehab for sex addiction.

According to TMZ, Steve and Weinstein finished their dinner at the same time and, as they left, Steve instructed his friend to pull out his phone to film “what was about to happen.” The man approached the disgraced producer and slapped him in the face — twice.

The manager of the restaurant told TMZ that the incident occurred after Weinstein had politely declined a photo. In response, Steve called the producer “a f–king piece of shit” and told him to “get the f–k out of here.” 

Steve, by the way, kindly informed TMZ he had “quite a bit to drink.”


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