Regina doctor creates app reminding parents there’s a baby in their back seat

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A Regina pediatrician has launched a new app to help ensure parents never forget the most important thing in their vehicle — their kids.

“If the app saves even one life, it’s worth every effort,” said James Robertson.

The story of Juan Rodriquez, whose one-year-old twins died in a hot car after he forgot them there, is what inspired Robertson to create Back Seat Safety.

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The app works by monitoring a person’s driving activity. When parents or caregivers exit their vehicle, the app will send an alert reminding them to check their back seat.

An average of one kid dies each year in Canada after being trapped inside a hot vehicle because a parent of guardian forgot they were inside, says a 2019 study from the Hospital for Sick Children.

These incidents occurred most commonly between the months of May and September.

In the United States, the number is even higher, with an average of 38 children dying per year from similar circumstances, according to a report from

“I think a simple application like this could save lives,” said Robertson.

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And while the app is designed for parents, it’s useful for those who are prone to losing their keys.

“It’s a simple notification but it’s surprisingly effective.”

Back Seat Safety works on all iOS and Android devices. The app is $1.39 CAD and can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores.

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